brie pasta

pasta stirring.jpg

How exciting when inspiration strikes out of the blue! It can come all at once and launch you into thoughts running a mile a minute. The only way to quench it is to give in. That's exactly what I did here. 

After a brief, unexpected visit from my bud Maya of Mojalvo (check out her killer videos!), I was left salivating at the thought of this dish she mentioned in passing. Maya dropped a hint about a project she was working on that involved Connecticut-grown Italian tomatoes. Word on the street was that the trick to delicious pasta was simple: fresh tomatoes and creamy brie. 

Could that be true? Could it be that easy? Just tomatoes and brie?

I couldn't stop thinking about it. Mmm, let's see. If fresh tomatoes from my garden marinate the soft cheese, and I toss in some fat cloves of garlic and fresh basil, would that feel substantial and flavorful enough?

There was only one way to find out. 

The result was incredible.

I can't even begin to describe the deliciously light creaminess that paired perfectly with the sweet tomatoes and the bite of bold garlic. 

Go make it. Like, right now.


serves 4

1/2 lb angel hair pasta, cooked to liking

3 c double creamed brie, cubed

1 qt tomatoes, diced

5-6 whole garlic cloves, roughly chopped

handful fresh basil, chopped



Dice the tomatoes and place in a large bowl along with the cubed brie.

Add cubed brie, garlic, and basil. Mix and let sit (the longer the better, but at least 20 minutes).

While the tomatoes sit, cook your pasta. Pour out the water, but reserve 1/2c pasta water within the pot. 

Pour tomato mixture directly into pot and stir until the cheese begins to melt. Add the desired amount of salt + pepper. You may want to place over heat for just a minute to really soften the cheese. 

Remove a hearty helping from the pot and plate in a bowl. Sprinkle with extra fresh basil and serve with a piece of crusty bread.