blood orange mocktail

For those mamas-to-be out there, you deserve a fun and frilly drink just like everyone else, so we’re making something special for you + baby. Keep that bun-in-the-oven healthy and your tummy happy. 

Also, Spring is TOTALLY in the air. Open your windows and let the fresh air blow through your kitchen. This is the perfect drink to pair with a cool breeze.

Cheers to you mamas!

serves 1

blood orange, halved


lemon juice


pure maple syrup, optional

blood orange soda (Whole Foods)

Squeeze halve the blood orange over ice. With your fingers, puncture 4-6 blueberries to release juice and drop into glass. Add a few drop fresh lemon juice.

Slap your mint between your hands to extract the oil and add to the glass. If using maple syrup, add a drizzle. Securely close with a lid and shake for 30 seconds. 

Prepare a new serving glass with one large ice cube. Strain juice. Add approximately 3/4 cups of blood orange soda to the drink.

Garnish with remain orange, mint, and blueberries.