capote's screwdriver

Truman Capote. I must say, when I first learned of his preferred beverage I was a bit surprised. A Screwdriver? But it’s just orange juice and vodka. It’s a brunch cocktail. I can't imagine anyone choosing that drink on a regular basis, let alone a brilliant mind such as Capote.


The interviews I’ve seen and read of him, the movies based on his life, show a thoughtful but vibrant man; bubbly, whimsical, even silly at times, and authentic to his core. I like to think many o’ champagne bottles where popped in his presence during those days. A sweet drink is logical.


On the other hand, I supposed I had envisioned something stronger, dryer, something that might burn going down. After all, Capote is the man who scribed and recounted a most chilling and senseless murder. In Cold Blood is the true story of the quadruple murder of a Kansas-based family, the Clutters, in 1959. It’s a horrifying event depicted as a novel and detailed through Capote’s cool, smooth writing. I don’t know… in my book, that calls for a stiff drink! 


A Screwdriver.

Not even a Manhattan or an Old-Fashioned. 

Or swing the pendulum all the way to the other side and pour the Prosecco, please! 

But, no. A Screwdriver. Then again, you could really harm someone with a screwdriver. Maybe his drink was rather appropriate. 


Rumor has it, rather than having to order such an embarrassingly fluffy cocktail, Capote would ask for “my orange drink” anytime he was out. I can’t imaged that disguised much of anything. No matter how you order, it’s a Screwdriver. 


Still, the man was a genius. If he came walking though my door, I would not deny him his drink. In fact, if he did walk through my door and if he did order his “orange drink”, this is how I would make it. Capote’s Screwdriver, courtesy of Whisk + Brush. I’ve got to admit, it ain’t to shabby. 



makes 2 servings

4 oranges

2 oz vodak

handful of basil


Cut 3 to 4 thin slices of orange. Quarter them and muddle. 

Add in a small handful of basil and repeat muddling. 

At 3 ice cubs to a mason jar (or shaker, if you haven’t lost yours like I did). Add in the muddled oranges and basil. Cut 3 whole oranges into quarters and squeeze into the jar. 

Add in vodka. Secure with the lid and shake for 30 seconds. 

Using a small strainer, pour juice through the sieve into a serving glass. 

Garnish with a whole slice of orange, an orange twist, or a thin slice of orange + basil leaf. Cheers Capote!

The images below were photographed in Gold Trimmed Wine Glasses provided by and for sale through Refabed Chic