cereal milk milkshake

Recipe by Lauren, our Honey Pie Contributor

In this recipe you will find a perfect little world of childhood memories mingling with adult know-how. Let your inner seven year old kid shine through! …Even if just for a few sips.


I was sitting on the Metro North train thumbing through Instagram when I saw it: National Cereal Day! This is the sort of thing that reminds me that I need a food calendar to keep up with the slew of unnecessary necessary excuses to shove food into ourselves, and find comfort in the fact that others are simultaneously munching on the same foods. Well I am not sure about that second part but even if the collective euphoria isn’t a great motivator for you to swap your ‘go to pasta recipe’ for some cereal, then I have great news. You don’t have to. Cereal day has passed and all of the simultaneous munching is back down to average. You can dismiss all of those yucky visions of chewing mouths and turn your thoughts to something a bit more pleasant and nostalgic, like cereal milk.


Do you remember cereal milk? That sugary, slightly colored liquid left after all of your favorite cereal is gone? If you were a child spawn from the ‘80s, you may remember Tamagotchis and Oregon Trail, and you should also remember the fond slurping sound of sucking up every last portion of cereal milk. I hope that this is not just a memory but still a part of your morning routine.


I really hope you are not one of those wasteful folk that just throw that liquid gold down the drain.


Regardless of who you are, whether the wasteful or the frugal, you will love this recipe. If there is any good in you, you will love this recipe, even if there is some bad, you will love this recipe. Ok, I think you get the point.


The idea of this recipe was inspired by the pioneer of cereal milk, Christina Tosi, the pastry chef of Momofuku Milk Bar in the NYC. If you get a chance, you should definitely try their cereal milk ice cream. But for us home folk, the ones that prefer to cuddle up between sheets and blankets rather than face the concrete jungle, I have just the thing to hit any sweet tooth craving that you will ever have and you might never look at cereal the same way.


recipe serves 4

4 Cups Cap’n Crunch Cereal (Feel free to replace this with your favorite sugary cereal)

2 Cups 2% or Whole Milk

2 tsp Vanilla Paste* or Good Quality Vanilla Extract

4 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream

*Vanilla Paste is available at most upscale food shops or online and is well worth the purchase. Use it in replace of vanilla extract (1:1) to add an elevated vanilla taste, plus you get to see the lovely specks of vanilla dancing in your food.


Take two cups of Cap’n Crunch cereal and pour into the milk, let this infuse and stand for 5 minutes. 

After 5 minutes, mix the cereal and remove it with a slotted spoon. You can either eat this milk soaked cereal or discard it. Add the last of the cereal to the infused milk and let soak for another 5 minutes. Repeat the same discard step.

Once the milk is nice and Cap’n Crunchy (taste and make sure!), throw the ice cream, vanilla paste, and milk into a blender. Blend and pour into desired cups. For garnish, sprinkle some more Capt’n Crunch on top along with your favorite colored cereal to add some color. Enjoy!