it's-a-new-week smoothie

After a weekend of major Spring cleaning on Saturday, followed by major hibernation and over indulgence on a snowy Sunday, all I was craving come Monday was a light, fresh glass of smoothie. This is by far my favorite. It’s easy and quick and requires basic ingredients that you will most likely already have in your kitchen. Feel free to mix it up with your own variations!


serves 1

1 heaping cup frozen mixed berries 

1 c spinach

1 c orange juice

1 c greek yogurt

squeeze of lemon



Gather your ingredients and place in a blender. 

On high speed (or the “smoothie” option, depending on your blender), mix the ingredients until well processed. 

Add more orange juice to thin the smoothie or more yogurt if you prefer a thicker consistency. The above ratios provide an overall good balance, but adjust according to your desires. Garnish with mint, pop in a straw, and enjoy immediately.