breakfast + baked goods

last crumb breakfast bowl

I purchased a loaf of amazing garlic ciabatta bread last week. I mean, AH-to-the-MAZING. It was all the comforts and versatility of good ciabatta bread stuffed with melty, schmelty whole roasted garlic cloves. I swear, there’s no better way to get solid, stinky breath than smokey, delicious, whole roasted garlic cloves. 

My man and I used this bread for everything. We had it for sandwiches, paired it with our dinners, nibbled on it for mid day snacks. The loaf was magic! It was like Feeding the 5,000. It seemed to never run out! Until one morning when the last nub of bread was sitting on the counter, stale, hard, barely hanging on to the last bit of yeasty life it had left. 


So I gave it CPR. 


One last boost of softness was given to the loaf fibers when I tossed it in a pan with chopped bacon and its greasy fat. We paired it with soft-boiled eggs, mixed it all together in a warm bowl, sprinkled a little parsley and chowed down while gulping strong coffee. 

Not only did the bread last to the final, stale crumb, but the breakfast warmed our bellies and souls, putting our spirits on the right track for attacking the day’s brisk winter chill that awaited us outside. 

This dish is really a “wing it” kind of meal. No recipe is required. I will give you one tip though: Place your raw eggs in boiling water for 6 minutes to create the soft-boiled texture. Remove from heat, dump the hot water down the drain, and then run cool water over the eggs for about 1 minute. Peel and enjoy these fluffy, runny eggs with a little s+p. Experiment with this dish on your own and have fun in the kitchen!