old man winter cocktail

I’m not opposed to the snowy days we’re having, but I do need something bright and colorful and floral to remind me that Spring will eventually come. 

Old Man Winter, you’ve met your match today. Cheers to drinking away the bitter cold!


serves 1

2 oz gin

1 rip grapefruit

1 Tbl agave nectar


ginger ale


In a shaker or a lidded jar, place ice + gin. Add in the juice of half a grapefruit. 

Pour in the agave nectar and mint. 

Note: By placing the mint in the palm of your hand and slapping it, you’ll help to extract the oils before adding it to the cocktail. 

SecrueShake. Shake. Shake it!

Strain into a clean glass and top it a splash of ginger ale. 

Sit back and watch those fat snowflakes fall. Sippy sip on this fresh cocktail and enjoy the calm nature of this day.