soups salad + sides

sautéed kale + jicama

This is such a delicious and simple dish that it’s easy to make as a quick snack. Healthy, fresh, and tasty, you’ll keep your day skipping along with a spring in your step after having a helping of these greens.


serves 2

2 Tbl coconut oil

2-3 handfuls chopped kale, de-stemmed

½ c jicama, julienne & peeled

salt + pepper, to taste

squeeze of lemon


Prep the jicama by peeling the skin and cutting the meat of vegetable into thin strips. 

In a cast iron, heat the coconut oil over medium and toss in the kale. Sauté until the greens have slightly wilted. Add in your jicama, s+p, and squeeze of lemon. Heat for another 2 minutes. 

Serve immediately. Best paired with juicier fruit like melons or citrus.