s'more hot chocolate mocha with salted caramel

I kid you not, I dream recipes constantly.


They don’t always turn out to be top notch – c’mon, we all know dreams can get seriously weird – but once in a while a gem comes out of those peaceful nights. The morning arrives and it’s to the kitchen to try it out as quickly as I can! It typically takes only a few minutes of cooking to tell if the dream recipe is worth living happily every after.


This is recipe is abso-tootle-lutely worth it.


The rich, creamy chocolate mixed with strong coffee and topped with caramel is just what every holiday morning requires to get your family in the loving, cozy moody goove. Make the hot chocolate up in a big batch and you’ve got plenty for all. Reserve the coffee to individual cups so both adults and children can partake. 


recipe serves 2

1 can evaporated milked

3 Tbl high-end cocoa, I use the Godiva brand. 

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 cup strong, super bold, dark as night coffee

whipped cream for topping

caramel syrup

M salt****

handful of mini marshmallows

1 crushed graham cracker


In a small pot, bring the can of evaporate milk to a slight boil and then turn of heat. Add the cocoa mix the pot and whisk.

Add your strongly brewed coffee.

Wet the rim of the mugs with warm water from the tap. Place the mugs upside down in the pile of crushed graham cracker. The cracker will stick to the rim. 

Slide a few marshmallows onto a skewer stick. You can roast these over your stove top, regardless of whether it is gas or electric. 

Carefully fill the mugs with your hot chocolate mocha beverage. Top of with whipped cream and drizzle with caramel. Then sprinkle a pinch of your M salt over the top. Top the drink with your roasted mallows and DEVOUR IMMEDIATELY!