this-for-that cocktail

Recently I went flipping through a cocktail book of mine that was collecting a ton of dust. It had been a while since I skimmed its pages of delicious recipes. One in particular caught my eye, a Mezcal Mule. 

Only one problem – actually, more like 3 or 4 problems– I didn’t quite have the right line up of ingredients. However, necessity is the mother of invention...and this drink was necessary! So, a few adjustments here and there with this-for-that and –BOOM!– a new, lovely drink.

Agave Syrup was swapped out for Real Maple Syrup. 

Ginger Beer was swapped out for Ginger Shandy

Passion Fruit Puree was, well, just left out.

And Mezcal was replaced with vodka. 

Whatdayaknow! It turned out delicious enough to share here. And delicious enough to have a second!


makes 2

1 1/2 oz fresh lime juice

6 sliced cucumbers, extra for garnishing

1 oz real maple syrup

2 oz ginger shandy

3 oz vodka

sprinkle of chili powder, optional


In a shaker or mason jar, combine lime juice and cucumber slices. Muddle. Muddle really really well. Then add syrup. 

Add in ginger shandy and vodka. 

Plop 3-4 ice cubes into the jar, close tightly with a lid, and shake-shake-shake!

Strain into your serving glasses over ice and garnish with cucumber. Sprinkle with chili powder with a slight kick without too much heat. Guzzle down immediately!