let's talk about: ramps

"...fried green onions with a dash of funky feet." -Jane Snow

Knowing where your food comes from is one thing. However, there’s something so sweet and thrilling about going out in hunter-gatherer style and actually foraging for your food.


It’s in our nature.


We don’t always connect to this ancestral trait because we’re surrounded by markets, grocers, and shops. So, while the bounty is plentiful and if the sun is shining, attempt a bit of adventure and look out for harvesting your own RAMPS – a pungent and delicious, wild root vegetable. It's a type of spring onion with the aroma and taste of garlic.

Our foodie photog Alex found these treasures during his weekend disc golf outing on the north end of town. They were sprinkled throughout the area in bright green, perky patches along pathways and among twigs and brush. We harvested them sustainably by only gathering the mature sprigs and leaving the babies to continue their growth with a healthy amount of room.

Forage them in early Spring and skip the outlandish grocery costs which typically run $15/lb. 

Photos by Alex Torres Photography